Collaborating across party lines is crucial for driving impactful policy changes. At OurGov, we’re excited to introduce our latest feature—a bipartisanship rating for all legislators.

This innovative metric provides users with a quantitative measure of legislators’ ability to bridge the political divide, offering valuable insights for lobbyists, trade associations, and even legislators.

Rep. Steffen has a score of ~66%.

Understanding the Bipartisanship Rating

Our rating system is a powerful yet easily understood metric that represents how frequently a legislator’s sponsored bills receive support from members of opposing parties. The score is calculated by analyzing the number of bills co-sponsored by legislators from different parties against the total bills they’ve authored/sponsored. For example, if a Republican legislator has introduced 10 bills and 3 of those bills have garnered Democratic co-sponsorship, their Bipartisanship Rating would be 30%.

Why is understanding bipartisanship valuable?

Strategic Advocacy

For lobbyists and trade associations, tailoring advocacy strategies to a legislator’s collaborative tendencies is a strategic move. A higher bipartisanship rating might indicate a receptiveness to constructive dialogue, guiding advocacy professionals to engage with lawmakers who are more likely to consider a range of perspectives.

Targeted Coalitions

Identifying potential allies across party lines is a key objective for legislators seeking to advance their bills. Our Bipartisanship Rating system helps lawmakers pinpoint colleagues who are open to collaboration, enabling them to build effective coalitions that can drive legislative success.

Informed Decision-Making

Armed with the Bipartisanship Score, legislators can make more informed decisions about bill sponsorships and co-sponsorships. By aligning their efforts with bipartisan priorities, lawmakers can effectively navigate the legislative landscape and maximize their impact.

Transparent Representation

Transparency is a cornerstone of effective representation. A higher Bipartisanship Rating can serve as evidence of a legislator’s commitment to working across party lines for the betterment of their constituents. This feature empowers lawmakers to showcase their dedication to collaborative policymaking.

Measuring Influence

The rating system isn’t just about collaboration—it’s also a proxy of legislative effectiveness. It offers clients a quantitative way to gauge their engagement strategies and assess their impact on legislators’ decisions.

Putting Insights into Action

We hope our Bipartisanship Rating system equips you with a clear and objective metric for assessing a legislator’s willingness to collaborate with other parties. It’s a tool that empowers government affairs professionals, trade associations, and legislators alike to make strategic decisions, foster cross-party partnerships, and champion meaningful change.

We’re committed to providing tools that empower you to navigate the complex world of government affairs with confidence, and our Bipartisanship Rating system is just one more way we’re advancing transparency, collaboration, and effective advocacy.

To learn more about the Bipartisanship Rating system and how it can enhance your legislative efforts, visit our documentation page or reach out to our dedicated support team.

Discover the power of collaboration metrics with OurGov’s Bipartisanship Rating and elevate your advocacy to new heights.


The OurGov Team