Import your lobbying hours with our new plugin.

Picture this: every six months, you sit with your computer and calendar. You add up the time spent on behalf of each and every principal you represent and painstakingly aggregate the time on each date to be logged with the Eye on Lobbying site.

This might take you days to perform. Days!

We’re proud to announce a new solution for lobbyists: OurGov‘s Hours Importer. This extension works with our hours logging functionality, previously announced here and enables you to import your lobbying hours into the Eye On Lobbying site.

The process of copying your hours spent lobbying into a web form can be tedious, time-consuming and nerve-racking. Every lobbyist is required to register their time spent lobbying with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission, which is done via the state’s website,

We’ve developed a new browser plugin that seamlessly integrates with the state’s website in order to make your life easier.

How Importing Your Hours Works

Take a look at the Hours Logging page within OurGov:

Import your lobbying hours from the OurGov application to the Eye On Lobbying site.

This is where all of your time lives and is the general source of truth for your time logging data. When you navigate to the Eye on Lobbying page, the data uploaded into the Ethics Commission fields is pulled from this data.

OurGov's Hours Importer tool allows quickly import your lobbying hours to the Eye On Lobbying Site.

The Hours Importer saves valuable time by allowing you to quickly import your lobbying hours from our website to the Ethics Commission’s site, eliminating the need to duplicate manual data entry.

Note that you still must click the ‘Save Changes’ button yourself, and that OurGov will never file or certify time on your behalf.

OurGov’s Hours Importer puts an end to the data entry parts of your job allowing you to enjoy time saved and peace of mind 🧠😌. The extension is a must-have for any Wisconsin lobbyist looking to streamline their workflow and save valuable time.

If you want to focus more on the important aspects of lobbying and less on the tedious task of logging hours, sign up and start using our Hours Importer extension today!

OurGov's hours importer automatically copies your time into the Ethics Commission's website.
This July should be the last time you ever manually copy time over again.