We’re excited to introduce a significant advancement to the realm of government advocacy – intelligent legislative summaries. OurGov is leveraging generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems to provide comprehensive summaries of legislators and lobbying principals. These summaries offer unique insights into each entity’s legislative priorities & interests.

By distilling complex data into concise summaries,
our intelligent legislative summaries save you valuable time and effort.

Understanding how to build a coalition is a fundamental pillar of successful advocacy. By distilling complex data into concise summaries, our intelligent legislative summaries save you valuable time and effort. Delving into committee memberships, bill sponsorships, and voting patterns, these summaries unveil a legislator’s key priorities and areas of expertise. This knowledge empowers you to tailor your advocacy strategies, forge stronger alliances, and achieve your desired outcomes.

Intelligent summaries also shed light on the interests of advocacy groups. By analyzing their registered positions, our system generates summaries that highlight their core concerns and priorities. This information equips you with the insights needed to establish the right connections so as to meet your clients’ needs.

For Government Advocates

OurGov leverages position and sponsorship data to generate intelligent summaries.

These summaries provide a comprehensive overview of legislators’ stances on crucial issues. Armed with this knowledge, you can develop informed strategies, identify potential allies, and craft persuasive messaging tailored to resonate with specific lawmakers. By leveraging these insights, you can more effectively shape policy and drive legislative change.

For Legislative Offices

Senator Ballweg’s A.I. generated summary, backed by OurGov data

For legislators and staffers, OurGov’s intelligent summaries serve as a valuable resource for understanding your colleagues’ positions and priorities. Whether seeking support for a bill or aiming for collaboration on common goals, these insights facilitate productive discussions and foster a more collaborative legislative environment.

It is important to recognize that these intelligent legislative summaries are powered by advanced artificial intelligence systems. While the technological advancements are remarkable, the value lies in the practical benefits they offer. OurGov‘s commitment is to provide you with powerful and user-friendly tools that enhance your advocacy efforts, regardless of the underlying technology.

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