New! See companion bills, and (soon) similar bills on each legislation page.

We recently added a feature we hope will further our mission to save you time and money, related bills:

“Related bills” is a section on a bill page that shows companion bills. The intended use case is to save you time jumping back and forth between each legislation’s page (via the bill search page).

Soon, will show the equivalent bill from a previous session (assuming the bill being viewed was carried forward).

Compare companion bill texts!

This not only allows you to quickly jump between the current bill and companion bill, but also allows you to quickly compare bill text between the two chambers, as seen above.

Although the diffing mechanism allows for comparing any and all of the bill’s text, some of the areas we’ve found it most helpful:

  • comparing sponsors
  • comparing LRB summaries
  • comparing statutes modified by the bill
  • seeking out provisions that differ across each chamber

We hope you find this useful, check it out here, on Wisconsin’s 2021 Assembly Bill 173 (AB173).

We’re constantly taking your feedback and turning it into new features. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas on how to improve the application or fill out a Google review.