At OurGov we’re working to become the central nervous system for advocacy groups, building all of the needs you have into a single software solution, and those needs include managing tasks, something folks do today in:

  • Notebooks
  • Excel
  • Atlassian / Jira
  • other generic task software tools.

We’re proud to be introducing OurGov’s task management solution, a tool that you can use in-line with your bill tracking software:

OurGov Lobbying Advocacy Groups time and money. Do more lobbying and less manual managing tasks.
Creating a task to contact legislators automatically pulls in their phone numbers and email addresses.

Task management isn’t incredibly complicated. It’s a way to:

  1. add an item to a to-do list
  2. add a due date
  3. and assign it to someone

Yet, there’s power in simplicity, especially when that simplicity is baked into your advocacy tool. Imagine the following use case:

You want to get on the schedule for each of the representatives in the Committee on Health.

Getting onto a representative’s schedule can take a number of emails and/or phone calls and needs some kind of note to track. In OurGov, you can create a task linking relevant representatives which will automatically pull in their contact information, saving you significant time typing out or copying this information over.

👎 In a generic task management tool, you’d not only need to find who those legislators are and their contact information, but you’d also have to copy and paste that information repeatedly to enter it.

👍 In OurGov since we know the context of the work you’re doing, we can default those representatives and their contact information right into the task you create, saving you significant time (and mouse clicks).

About Tasks

  • Tasks with upcoming due dates will show up in your home feed.
  • When you are assigned a task, or assign one to someone else, they’ll be notified via email of their upcoming task.
  • Due dates change colors depending on the current date.
  • Learn more on our documentation site.

Task management is just one more tool we’ve added to help save you time (and money). Good luck!