OurGov‘s Calendar Integration allows us to directly push public hearings (on bills you care about) to your calendar.

Within minutes of a hearing being placed on a committee’s calendar, we’ll push it to Google, Outlook, and Apple calendars on your behalf:

Note: While OurGov requests and finds hearings within minutes of their being scheduled, your Google calendar may not be updated immediately. This is due to how Google and other email clients decide to request an update to your schedule, and to the frequency that your calendar tells the client.

We also support sending tasks that you’ve added in OurGov to your calendar (based on the due date), provided they aren’t too old and are not yet completed.

This is a huge win for anyone who has previously struggled with keeping track of public hearings and letting their clients know. You can also receive email notifications any time a hearing is scheduled if you configure the home feed accordingly. Let us know if you like this by contacting us or leaving a review.

Say goodbye to repeatedly checking public websites or relying on others to alert you to a scheduled hearing.

And hello to relaxing with your morning coffee, knowing that you’re always in the know.

Just another way we’re helping you save time and money. Check out the application at https://ourgov.app.