Our number one goal at OurGov is to reduce the cost to effectively lobby. This means saving you time and money in a variety of ways. One of those ways we do this is collating publicly available data into consolidated simple-to-digest pages.

This saves you time by removing the time to navigate across different sites looking for related information.

Here’s where we get our sources.

📜 Bills & Representatives Data

Wisconsin State Legislature – docs.legis.wisconsin.gov

This data directly comes Wisconsin’s legislature. By clicking on the link you can see what information is available from the state.

Example query

This is Senate Bill 100 from the 2019-2021 legislative session. Adding .json to any URL on the state website typically will share the exact information we use from them.

🧭 Lobbying & Interest Groups

Our state of Wisconsin has very thorough reporting requirements for those who partake in lobbying, including how a lobbyist spends their time, their money, and which lobbying principals, they are acting on behalf.

A lobbying principal is the organization or individual that desires the legislative change, while a lobbyist is an agent acting on behalf of their partner.

Like our other information sources, Wisconsin’s lobbying data is freely available to the public. You can access this data at the Eye On Lobbying site.

Check out Eye On Lobbying’s Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Ethics Committee if you have questions about their data.