OurGov Empowers Citizens to Connect with Their Local Government


MADISON, WI – OurGov, a new Madison-based platform that connects policy advocates and citizens with their state government officials, has officially launched in Wisconsin. The platform, which is available online at ourgov.app, allows residents to easily access information about their elected officials, the latest bills in process, and how lobbying groups are engaging.

“We’re thrilled to bring OurGov to Wisconsin and provide citizens with a more convenient and efficient way to engage with their government,” said OurGov co-founder and CEO, Taylor White.

Our platform makes it easy for residents and policy advocates alike to stay informed and connected with the legislative process, and we believe it will help foster greater efficiency and representation in government.

OurGov offers users the ability to filter for different kinds of bills, view lobbying data on a bill, receive email notifications, and more.

“OurGov is more than just a platform for accessing information, it’s a democracy-building tool,” said OurGov co-founder Luke Wulsin. “We’re making it easier for the people to understand what’s going on at the Capitol and for policy advocates to be heard. We think that can help strengthen our communities and make Wisconsin a better place to live.”

For more information about OurGov, please visit the website or contact Taylor White at taylor@ourgov.app.