As Winter melts away to Spring, we’ve got a number of enhancements cooking that we’d like to share in our newsletter.

⏳ Logging Hours

Logging time spent lobbying is an important and yet a time consuming & cumbersome part of advocating. OurGov improves this experience by making it easy to log your hours right in the same page you are working from. We can even remind you every 30 minutes or so to log your time.

Log right from the pages you’re currently working on.
OurGov can even default in the page title, saving you time and keeping your tracking organized.
Visit your hours page to validate your logged time before downloading and sending it over to the ETHICS Commission.

🎨Feed Cards Get a Facelift

Previously, each legislative event would show in its own card on the feed. This resulted in two cards for the same bill, and wasted layout space. Now, we’ve improved the feed cards to show a timeline of recent events.

Now, if a bill you subscribe to has multiple events in your feed, you can see them all in one card.

🖥️ Reminder!

We’re putting the beta site back up for you to test some of these changes this Thursday, Feb. 24. Check out this Thursday.

Until our next newsletter.


Taylor ❄️☃️☀️