Welcome to the summer installation of the OurGov pre-launch newsletter 🛶☀️.

We’ve spent much of the last two months production-izing the site with behind-the-scenes improvements:

Email Notifications

One much-requested feature that we’re excited to announce is our support for email notifications.

See your familiar feed of new legislative events directly in your email.

Staying up to date with the changes in the legislature is one of the most important parts of advocacy. With our new notification support, you can get curated notifications emails as soon as the clerks enter the events (or on a daily/weekly cadence).

“How to” Documentation Site

Another front we’ve spent time on since our last newsletter relates to our new Docs site. Our Docs site is intended to be used by both prospective customers and current customers to:

  • become better acquainted with the features we’ve released
  • learn best practices
  • ensure you’re getting the most out of our product offerings

Here’s a snippet of the kind of content you can expect to find:

Please check it out to learn more about the features available in our upcoming launch!

Launch Plans

While we’ve finished the first iteration of our notification functionality, there are a few remaining steps before it is ready for a production launch:

This is the last feature separating a Pre-Launch newsletter from a Launch newsletter 🍾🥂. We can’t wait to make this transition and look forward to bringing value to everyone who’s engaged with us thus far.