With our “Movers and Shakers” feature, you can quickly see which representatives commonly legislate on any topic.

Two common scenarios for anyone advocating on legislation are:

  1. Finding legislators to introduce new legislation
  2. Finding legislators to oppose/modify already proposed legislation

With our new “Movers and Shakers” component, we can show which representatives frequently sponsor bills relating to any given topic, like Banking regulations.

Information like this may be obvious for established lobbying teams that have spent many years at the Capitol building, but for groups working elsewhere in the state, or new to Wisconsin, this feature offers incredible time-savings.


On any tag page, like Banking, representatives are ranked based on the number of bills tagged with the Banking tag that they’ve sponsored or cosponsored:

Our algorithms determine Tim Carpenter is most likely to support new Banking legislation.

How We Find Representatives Likely to Support Legislation

The top 10 (as of October ’22) representatives appear on the page, in ranked order. A representative gets 2 “points” for being a primary sponsor on a bill tagged with Banking, and one “point” for being a cosponsor.

You can hover on their association ranking to see all of the bills they’ve sponsored.

Note that we do not ascribe/interpret “positions” on a topic. For instance, if a representative sponsors a bill relating to “Abortion“, that bill may prevent Abortion, or enable Abortion, but that position is not captured by our algorithms, solely that the legislator works on bills relating to Abortion.

Future Plans

We may include voting data into our algorithms in the future, but today, we just rely on sponsorship data.