After much hard work, the OurGov team is pleased to announce our Early Access program will begin at the start of the next legislative session.

The Early Access program is geared towards supporting organizations who have worked with us over the past few years as we built this company from the ground up to have discounted access to the platform.

We’re Launching!

As of today, OurGov Premium allows your organization to:

…among many other features. You can learn more about what features are available at or check out the site.

What’s in the Early Access Program?

Early Access partners will receive a 50% discount (promo code EARLYACCESS50) on our OurGov Premium product for the first 33 months of 2023 as you acquaint yourselves with the tools. Check here for pricing on our product or reach out for questions.

We’re very grateful to the folks that we’ve worked with over the last few years, especially (but not limited to) Peter Welch, Samantha Stohlman, Jim Zellmer, Sheldon Rampton, Michelle Kussow and the Wisconsin Technology Council.

We hope you find great success with our product and look forward to working together. Built with love in Madison, WI 💖🥂.

The OurGov Team

Luke, Jacob and Taylor