See bill text in it’s entire, original form.

We recently updated our legislation page to show additional information:

  • analyses from the Legislative Reference Bureau
  • omnipresent Legislation status (top center of page)
  • the original PDF document, rather than the raw legislation text:
With OurGov's new Legislation Page, you can always see the bill status and save time printing out the bill text.

We think this will be a big help to more efficiently scan the text, and save time printing, sharing, or even annotating bill text. Note that features you know and love, like our Bill Comparison functionality persists unchanged.

One additional benefit associated with moving to this new view for legislation text is the opportunity to annotate, or mark up a document. While currently those annotations are not saved onto OurGov for later reuse, they can be saved onto your machine, or even printed out:

Annotate important text in legislative documents for collaborative use with colleagues, coworkers or clients. This should allow for even more improved strategic decision making on topics of importance.
Use annotations to draw attention to specific parts of the document for coworkers or clients.

Finally, for LRB Draft bills (and soon, all bills), we also are able to pull the Legislative Reference Bureau analysis and display that on the page:

We hope this helps you save time!