Congratulations finishing the first 6-month period of the 2023-2024 biennium. July marks a month of much needed vacations ☀️🏖️, and the important act of filing your time spent lobbying with the Ethics Commission (due July 31).

If you’ve been logging time in OurGov, importing your time is a breeze:

OurGov Hours Importing plugin

In addition to easy importation of time into the Lobbying site, logging time in OurGov offers a number of other advantages:

  1. Log for more than one principal at a time (so you don’t need to document the same meeting with legislators for each principal you represent)
  2. Use quick buttons to capture the amount of time to log, so you never have to move your hand from the mouse.
  3. Comments are defaulted into the time log entry, so you know what each entry represents, and helps to identify what you forgot to log.

You can read more about time logging in OurGov on our Documentation site, or take a look at these blog posts:

Good luck!