We’re thrilled to introduce a “vote tracking” module to our site. This tool removes yet another spreadsheet from your tools and brings it into OurGov.

Our new Vote Tracking feature offers an at-a-glance view allowing you to gauge potential outcomes of a floor vote well before it occurs.

Rep. Neylon leans Yea on this issue. Easily remind yourself to follow up with him in coming days, weeks, or months.

This tool empowers lobbyists and legislators alike to easily create tasks to follow up with a legislator, ensuring timely engagement with key stakeholders. As legislation is put up for a vote, OurGov allows you to feel confident with the outcome of any given voting session and communicate to your clients the expected outcome ahead of the vote.

Why Proactive Vote Tracking Matters

For Legislators

For legislators introducing impactful bills, knowing where colleagues stand is imperative. This module empowers you to anticipate support, enabling you to forge alliances, address concerns, and pave the way for a seamless floor vote. By engaging with colleagues early on, you can ensure a more informed and collaborative legislative process.

For Lobbyists

Lobbyists advocating for change understand the value of timing and precision. With our vote tracking module, you can identify potential swing votes and undecided legislators, allowing you to engage proactively and tailor your outreach.

By creating follow-up tasks, you’ll stay on top of critical conversations, ensuring your advocacy efforts are both impactful and timely.

Using the Vote Tracking Module to Your Advantage

Imagine a legislative landscape where you have a bird’s-eye view of potential support for your cause. This new feature paints that picture, enabling you to strategize and engage with the legislators most likely on the fence, and have a solid understanding of where each legislator stands. This is the information needed for legislative success.

To learn more about how our Vote Tracking feature can revolutionize your approach to advocacy, connect with our dedicated support team.

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