Amongst voters, legislators and other elected officials, there’s a growing interest in understanding the Wisconsin’s district maps. As these maps take center stage amid a pending Wisconsin Supreme Court case, we find ourselves fielding a growing number of requests for district maps on the site.

These maps are often overlooked in everyday life, but, as of these last few months, have been the focus of much media and judicial campaigning. In this blog, we explore why Wisconsin’s district maps are vital for fair elections.

Why Share Wisconsin’s District Maps?

Transparency and Understanding

District maps are important for ensuring transparency in the political process. They provide citizens with a clear picture of how the state’s political boundaries are drawn. By sharing these maps, we empower individuals to better understand the geographical layout of their districts and the representation they receive.

Election Participation

Access to district maps is vital for those who wish to actively engage in the democratic process. Knowing your district allows you to participate more effectively in local elections, understand the issues affecting your area, and make informed decisions at the ballot box.


There are 99 Assembly districts in Wisconsin, and 33 Senate districts. Each Senate district encompasses 3 Assembly districts.

District 1District 21District 41District 61District 81
District 2District 22District 42District 62District 82
District 3District 23District 43District 63District 83
District 4District 24District 44District 64District 84
District 5District 25District 45District 65District 85
District 6District 26District 46District 66District 86
District 7District 27District 47District 67District 87
District 8District 28District 48District 68District 88
District 9District 29District 49District 69District 89
District 10District 30District 50District 70District 90
District 11District 31District 51District 71District 91
District 12District 32District 52District 72District 92
District 13District 33District 53District 73District 93
District 14District 34District 54District 74District 94
District 15District 35District 55District 75District 95
District 16District 36District 56District 76District 96
District 17District 37District 57District 77District 97
District 18District 38District 58District 78District 98
District 19District 39District 59District 79District 99
District 20District 40District 60District 80


District 1District 12District 23
District 2District 13District 24
District 3District 14District 25
District 4District 15District 26
District 5District 16District 27
District 6District 17District 28
District 7District 18District 29
District 8District 19District 30
District 9District 20District 31
District 10District 21District 32
District 11District 22District 33

The Pending Supreme Court Case

The day after progressive justices outnumbered conservatives on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court, a lawsuit was filed to redraw the district maps (last drawn in 2021).

That Supreme Court case is pending, and its outcome could potentially lead to revisions in these boundaries. Keeping an eye on this case and staying informed about any updates is essential for those who want to remain engaged in Wisconsin’s political landscape.

As the controversy surrounding the district maps continues to unfold, our aim is to provide you with easy access to these maps for your reference and use. We believe that sharing this valuable resource empowers citizens and encourages active participation in the democratic process.

Feel free to explore the district maps of Wisconsin, and stay tuned for any potential changes in the future. Your engagement and understanding are key to shaping the state’s political landscape.