Recent enhancements in Artificial Intelligence have enabled companies like ours to create valuable tools, like Nova, our new A.I. powered assistant. Novas first impact on the site has been generating policy summaries for each and every legislator, committee, and lobbying principal, based on their legislative activity.

With an update this week, Nova is now available directly to OurGov Premium subscribers. Nova’s first impact on the site will be the ability to summarize the differences between legislative proposals. Nova allows users to efficiently compare different versions of bills and access succinct summaries highlighting the key changes. Our aim is to simplify the often daunting task of comprehending legislative alterations, enabling you to save significant time and resources in the process.

By utilizing advanced AI algorithms, we ensure that OurGov Premium subscribers have access to a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to optimize their legislative analysis workflow. Whether it’s delving into policy implications or tracking the latest amendments, our platform continues to provide a seamless and efficient experience, making legislative analysis more accessible and user-friendly than ever before.

In addition to our existing AI-driven capabilities, such as legislator, committee, and lobbying principal policy summaries, we are excited to introduce A.I. powered insights to our legislation comparison tool.

Upcoming Roadmap

We’ll be bringing Nova’s artificial intelligence contributions to:

  • your email updates
  • your home feed
  • creating drive in agendas,
  • creating legislative reports
  • and dialog opportunities in the context of a bill, where you can ask for more information

OurGov subscribers can reap the benefit OurGov’s AI-driven tools today and experience a smarter, more streamlined approach to navigating the intricacies of legislative analysis.

Try it out here.