OurGov is a collaboration tool that organizes your advocacy efforts into a personalized feed. In one glance, OurGov tells you about relevant legislative activity, who’s working on what, and where bills are in the process, which benefits you by saving time.

Imagine spending your workweek without the need to navigate numerous websites to track legislation nor sort through pages of information you don’t need, to finally arrive at those you do need.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to do your job, you’ve come to the right place!

OurGov–still in beta–pulls all the data you need into one place and filters it according to your preferences.

You’ll get back time, money and energy that you can put into doing what you actually signed up for when you became a lobbyist–impacting legislation.

Here are a few ways you can use our site to benefit you, allowing you to save time and impact more legislation:

Find Bills Quickly

It’s tedious work to sift through all existing legislation to track what could affect the folks you represent. Under the “Bills” tab you can:

  • Quickly find the bills you need via the tags you’ve subscribed to (more on tags in a second)
  • Get notified when changes occur
  • See who’s lobbying on them

Easily Find Representatives

Lawmakers shouldn’t be hard to access. The “Representatives” page allows you to find them easily, and contact their office–all with just a couple clicks.

Avoid Information Overload

The public sites we pull our data from require you to sort through a lot of information to get what you actually need.

The “Tags” function is a central feature of our site and enables you to streamline any government activity you care about–bills, committees, representatives, etc.

Cut out the noise so you can focus on the issues affecting your clients.

Execute Your Plans

No need to switch over to a productivity tool once you know what you need to get done.

Use the “Tasks” tab to map out your next steps and collaborate with your team.

Schedule A Call

Interested in taking advantage of these tools and their benefits? This Fall we’ll be accepting our first batch of users as we further develop and improve our software. 

You’ll be able to use our platform, save your data and coordinate with your team–all for a discounted rate.

Just schedule a 15-30 minute call to learn more. We’d love to meet you and see how we can help you do your job more efficiently.