We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify and streamline your government affairs operations. Some features undoubtably take the spotlight over others, but today we’d like to highlight one less-recognized gem that deserves more recognition—our customer relationship management (CRM) functionality.

This module empowers you to track communications with legislators, staffers, or clients, all within the familiar confines of OurGov. Today, we shed light on this valuable feature:

Adding a call with Representative Samba Baldeh & his staffer, Michael Lindvall.

OurGov’s CRM functionality serves as a means for managing and documenting your interactions with legislators, staffers, and clients. Building this into OurGov eliminates the need for external software licenses and reduces the complexities associated with juggling multiple tools like Salesforce or HubSpot.

Use Cases

Let’s delve into the benefits of this often-understated feature by exploring two practical use cases that demonstrate its value:

Building Coalitions

Imagine you’re tasked with building support for Assembly Bill 19. Our powerful analytics can suggest other representatives likely to support a bill given the current sponsors. Once you have your list of prospective sponsors, our CRM tool becomes your trusted ally in reaching out to each of the likely legislators. The Add Communication button allows you to effortlessly log and track your calls, meetings, and emails with legislators and their staff members. This ensures that you and your coworkers have a comprehensive record of your interactions and carry on your advocacy efforts with continuity.

Strengthening Client Engagement and Collaboration

For government affairs professionals managing multiple clients, effective communication and collaboration are paramount. With our CRM tool, you can effortlessly organize and categorize your client communications. By tracking emails, surveys and calls to documenting key discussions, CRM empowers you to stay on top of your client interactions. This approach enhances collaboration by ensuring everyone has access to the latest information. It also facilitates seamless handoffs and provides a unified view of your relationships.

Future Plans

We have plans to further enhance the CRM module’s capabilities in the future. We aim to integrate our call tracking system with our hours logging feature. With this integration, documenting a call with a legislator will automatically capture time spent on calls as direct engagement time.

We also hope to integrate scheduled calls with popular calendar systems like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. Scheduling a call in OurGov will also place it on your calendar (and potentially, visa versa).

At OurGov, we recognize that true innovation lies in providing practical solutions that seamlessly fit into your existing workflow. Our CRM tool is not designed to be flashy. Consider it a reliable workhorse that helps you stay organized, foster collaboration, and quickly recall previous communications.

Unleash the power of seamless communication and elevate your government affairs efforts by using our CRM features. Sign up today to experience the hidden potential within your reach.

To learn more about the CRM tool and its features, reach out to us for a demo.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we continue to enhance the OurGov experience for you.