OurGov public hearings shows details testimony delivered at hearings.

When people ask “what we do”, we often answer by saying that we offer three value propositions to our customers:

  1. We create workflow tools, as examples, our task management, hours logging, and surveying modules
  2. Aggregate/collate data from different sources and state agencies (Legislature, Ethics Commission, Campaign Finance, etc.)
  3. Analyze data and provide insights

Aggregation may seem trivial, but for anyone who has spent significant time navigating across different state agencies to find related information can attest to, it’s important.

Aggregating & Summarizing Hearing Testimonies

Today’s enhancement relates to the second and third proposition on the list, aggregation & analyzing. We’re proud to announce we now display public hearings data throughout the site. Example: OurGov – Assembly Committee on Education 9/28 Hearing.

OurGov School District of Milton public hearing testimony.

This is a valuable time saving component of our application, as many readers can attest to the difficult task of gaining understanding hearing activity.

Prior to today, there were a few ways to obtain this understanding:

  • You can attend the hearing in person
  • You can reach out to the Wisconsin Legislative Council or search through their archives
  • Or, if you’re a WisEye subscriber, you can watch the hearings online

We aim to change all of that by sharing more widely access to testimonies during committee hearings, and soon, applying powerful algorithms to identify hearing participants and A.I. to summarize depositions.

Beginning this week, hearing data will show on Legislation and Committee Hearing pages. In a few weeks, Nova, yours and OurGov’s, A.I. assistant will begin to catalog and summarize testimonies, which will be available online and via email.

All of which will be shared, automatically, with OurGov Premium subscribers based on their stated interests and subscriptions.